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ABOUT   Philosophy: an organization devoted to families and friends who are challenged by PKU

Mission Statement:
  1. To create a patient support organization that helps and assists families and individuals with Pku. The organization will give individuals the opportunity to meet and interact with others affected by PKU.
  2. To provide education to new families that are beginning the challenges of PKU, to continue to help educate families and individuals that are also challenged by PKU.
  3. To provide educational materials to the public in order to educate them about the challenges associated with PKU. These materials will used by parents to help educate teachers, coaches and other individuals who may not understand the complex issues associated with PKU.
  4. To create fundraising events in order to help support the mission of the Florida PKU Foundation and to aid research for continued PKU advancements in both food, medical formula and pharmaceutical support.
  5. To create a fun organization where the members are responsible for its creation and ongoing success.
In order to accomplish this mission the Florida PKU foundation needs volunteers and funds to organize and create opportunities for families to interact with one another. The organization also needs funds to help support those who are unable to attend functions due to financial or other restraints.